Mood Remote was launched in 2010 by Selen Parman in The Netherlands right after concluding her studies of Digital Film Production at SAE Institute Sydney. The work apprehension and interests of Mood Remote contain shear insight on producing motion pictures mostly related to commercial presentation of music events & festivals, audio technology, yoga practice and infomercials and TVC VFX Design.

Mood Remote provides a smooth transition between the intention of message & execution of final presentation.  Our services include VFX design on Flame in Istanbul studios.


Selen Parman  Project Manager/ D.O.P /Editor

Selen Parman Project Manager/ D.O.P /Editor

Laerke Nissen   D.O.P / Steadi-cam Operator

Laerke Nissen D.O.P / Steadi-cam Operator

Atil Altas   Director

Atil Altas Director

 Ilker Soylu   Sound Engineer

 Ilker Soylu Sound Engineer